Event Management

There Are Many Moving Parts To A Great Event

Whether it is an annual festival, sporting event, grand opening or other large event it is important to bring in our team of specialists at the beginning stages of your event.  Apex Valet will assist you in incorporating a parking management plan that will ensure the success of your event.  You put a lot of time and effort into making this event great!  Whether it is a free or paid event, you want to keep guests coming back year after year. Two factors which are often overlooked, but so important, are the the way people enter your event, and the ease of parking egress once your event is over.  Apex Valet will work with your event coordinator on parking solutions from  crowd control to traffic direction or another solution. You can rest assured we will handle this from beginning to end so you can focus on the success of your event.

Golf Cart ShuttlesGolf carts are not only the trend for private parties and corporate events, but also a great way to show your guests some extra care, and a personal touch.  Golf carts are great for events with long or steep driveways,  you can provide golf cart shuttles in tandem with valet parking or as the primary solution for your event. Save your guests the trouble of negotiating difficult terrain or a long walk, utilize either 6 or 8 passenger carts to treat them to a “door-to-door” experience!

Coat CheckCoat Check Service is a must for cold winter days.  Apex provides all necessary equipment and personnel for your event ensuring guests don’t have to tote around heavy coats and personal belongings.  They can leave it to our team to keep items safe and well organized so they can focus on having a good time!

Logistics & Crowd Control – Large events require logistical parking and crowd control management.  Whether you are having a sporting event, festival, grand opening or other special event our Special Event Logistics Team will be with you every step of the way to plan the ingress and egress of your event creating a safe and secure location for all attendees.

Private events and corporate events.  Local entertainment venues, hospitals, hotels,museums, country clubs, sporting events, parking garages and MORE.

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