Valet Parking Is Not Just About Parking Cars

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Valet parking is a carefully crafted experience from when your guests' car doors are opened at the beginning of the night through the retrieval of their vehicle at the end of their night. Because our team is the first impression of a guest’s experience we use our 15 years of experience and proven logistical planning techniques to ensure proper staffing. We currently service over 30+ venues in Alabama and our client retention rate demonstrates our expertise: most of our venues have been with us since the inception of our company in 2001.

Due to our experience, we know each event and location is unique. Our logistical staff spends time with each client to understand their parking issues. New clients receive a "site audit" from our logistics team. We review the available parking, bottlenecks and challenges that location faces.  Once our assessment is complete we provide a competitive quote to the client that addresses each need and challenge. This strategy, in conjunction with our highly trained staff, creates a stress free and well run event. If the proper number of valets are not staffed for each event, there is an extremely heightened risk of backups and long wait times resulting in reduced customer satisfaction.  Our team of logistical specialists are trained to provide you with a proposal based on all aspects of your event. The next step is client review, and if accepted, an issued formal contract.  It is then up to the client to decide the right fit for them. Since the success of our client's parking operation is key in customer satisfaction at each event and or venue, we take pride in our reputation of never under-staffing and providing honest estimates. The Apex Family understands we are your first welcome and last goodnight, and ask that you allow our team to ensure your guests' experience is as special as they are.

Our team members are what make our company great! Our valets are attentive, professional and courteous. They are trustworthy because they must be; always standing at attention because your guests deserve it.

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Apex Valet services hotels, hospitals, small to large events, venues, retirement homes, country clubs, golf tournaments and more...

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