A night-time extravaganza is just the thing to celebrate milestones, hold a grand opening, raise funds for charity, and mingle with the community.

What makes for a great event makes for a long, long list. You need a sterling venue, an attraction of some sort (be it a guest speaker, a film showing, games/contests, a performance, etc.), and – naturally – food.

One thing that the best events also have on their list is something every guest always appreciates: valet parking.

How Valet Parking Makes the Night Great

When holding an event, figuring out how your guests will get to the venue is always a concern. If they’re driving, they’ll need a place to park.

Unfortunately, many destinations have limited parking around the venue. Often, guests have to walk several blocks at a minimum to find decent parking and make it to the venue. That’s annoying and bothersome even in the best of circumstances; it becomes downright miserable if it’s raining or sleeting.

Plus, you have to consider the convenience level for your guests. We want our guests to feel special, not put out by having to wrangle parking and waste precious time finding a spot.

Valet parking takes care of these issues by giving your guests a way to drive right up to the venue, disembark, and enter to enjoy the evening all without having to worry one bit about parking.

Why Valet Parking is Important

A guest’s experience with your event doesn’t begin the moment he or she steps through the doors to the venue, or even arrives at the destination. The experience begins when they have to leave their vehicle.

Valet parking gives you the opportunity to make that beginning of the experience a comfortable and convenient one. Someone’s perception of an event goes up if there’s valet parking. And when surveyed, event-goers consistently rate valet parking highly – because they appreciate the courtesy, even if they have to pay for it!

And, an event that has valet parking has a certain aura about it, one of sophistication and luxury. That’s because we’ve all seen that the more luxurious hotels and venues throughout the world all have one thing in common: valets at the entrance to take your vehicle for you.

So, in a way, valet parking is the best way to begin and end a night with your guests. We can’t think of anything better!

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