There may be times when you want to park in a parking area, but see a sign stating that the lot is “valet parking only” or, if there is no sign, you are approached by an attendant who tells you that the lot is only for valeted cars.

You’re likely thinking “But why? I can probably park my car just as well as the valet and the lot isn’t full. Why should I have to valet?” The simple answer is that valet controlling a lot or parking area ensures the parking area is being used to its fullest potential while keeping things efficient, orderly, and safe.

Below are three perks to having valet control a parking area.


Maximizing Lot Space

The location you are visiting may not have enough parking space for the amount of people expected to attend an event or come for dinner.

At a restaurant, it is important for them to be as full as possible in order to generate the most amount of revenue. If guests cannot find a parking space convenient to the restaurant, they will likely find another place to eat. With a valet service present, guests can pull up to the front door instead of having to search for a spot which increases convenience and adds to the guest experience.

In order to get the most cars inside a given area, the valet service may have to double park (block in) cars or park in a manner that doesn’t follow how the lot/area is lined out. Also, valets often park cars closer together than the general public would. This also helps a valet service increase a lot’s capacity.

With vehicles having to be parked strategically and in close quarters, it is easier for a well-trained valet to manage the cars and overall be a benefit to the customer as well as the establishment. In urban areas, parking can be a luxury so maximizing the limited space available is imperative to ensure a great client experience.


Preparing for “The Rush”

Having a well-thought out parking plan and enough space to execute that plan, is imperative to keeping guest wait times to a minimum.

Preparing or saving a certain area for valet use helps ensure cars are able to be parked quickly when “the rush” hits. If the valet service does not have full control over the parking area and is asked to share it with the general public, self-parkers will likely throw off the parking plan the valets are using.

Without a reserved valet area nearby, the valets have to travel further when parking and returning on foot. This means the parking process takes longer per car, causing longer than necessary wait times, guests to become impatient and frustrated, and ultimately causing them to have a negative experience before they even enter the restaurant or venue.


Reducing Traffic Flow on Major Streets or Neighborhoods

Imagine a popular restaurant or event venue that is located at the corner of a busy intersection in a neighborhood. During peak lunch/dinner times or when there is a large event being hosted, it is likely that the nearby streets will see backups and traffic issues if a valet service is not available. Not only is it a safety concern for guests but it is definitely irritating to the residents living nearby who have to navigate the area on a daily basis or need somewhere to park their own cars.

Valet can be a perfect solution to this issue.

Valets should be trained, not only in parking cars, but directing/managing traffic situations as well. Having professionals onsite to park guests’ vehicles quickly and efficiently, while also helping to direct the incoming/outgoing traffic, can drastically reduce the negative impact on a location’s neighbors.

It is important to keep your guests happy, but just as important to keep a good relationship with your neighbors.


As you can see, allowing a valet service the ability to take control of a parking area can have a positive impact for guests, the establishment, as well as the surrounding area. Apex Valet can provide solutions to many parking issues that you or an establishment may be having. Parking is something everyone has to do, let’s make it as pleasant of an experience as possible for you and your guests!