Weddings are special occasions for everyone involved, and you want all the details to be just right. For a gorgeous ceremony that leaves everyone smiling, a million different things have to go right – and that can result in a lot of stress.

Parking, for example, can be a headache not just for attendees, but for wedding organizers. Fortunately, it’s not a problem you have to solve on your own. You can go with a valet parking provider and not only take care of parking, but also impress your guests with white-glove customer service.

Here are a few things to consider as you plan the logistics of your wedding at a private residence or farm.

Setting Up Tents  

Tents are beautiful and functional, and they add more space for your event – but you should be careful about where you set up your tent.

When tents are placed in the driveway, they reduce your ability to maximize parking for your guests. Even with all their function and beauty, they do cause logistical issues – even for a valet parking company. If you decide to use a tent for your wedding, bring in Apex to help you plan the tent placement in order to maximize space and ensure that the ingress and egress of guests is not hindered.  

Street Parking

Many cities have ordinances that restrict cars from parking on both sides of the street. If this is the case in your city, then not only will your event require valet service to maximize parking, but you also need to consider traffic control to keep cars from parking on both sides of the street leading up to the event site (for those guests who choose to not valet).

Additionally, you want to make sure that emergency vehicles can get through if needed. If you’re hosting a wedding, you don’t want anything to impede cars or buses that may need access to the event site – especially the bride and groom’s getaway car!

Vendor Trucks and Other Vehicles

When hosting an event, there is always a need for vendor trucks and other cars to arrive early for setup. Without a clear logistical plan, the setup locations for these vehicles and where they can park after setup isn’t set in stone – and you end up with a driveway full of cars when guests arrive.  

Apex can help with a solid game plan to ensure that these vehicles are moved and parked in a place that allows easy arrival and departure for your guests. We’ll make sure to keep cars out of the valet lane so that guest vehicles can be parked quickly.  

Considering an Event at a Private Residence or Farm?  

Apex Valet has 17 years of experience providing parking solutions that overcome many obstacles to ensure a great experience for your guests. We offer comprehensive valet parking, event management and parking management services. Get a quote from our team for your next event.