When it comes time to choose a valet parking company for your business, you want to be sure that the valet services you choose will give your customers and guests the best possible service. Though you may not realize it, there’s a lot more to valet service than meets the eye. Of course, the service you hire should be excellent at parking, but it’s not all about moving cars from point A to point B. Here are three important tips for finding the ideal valet service for your business:

Make Sure They Are Reputable, Experienced, & Insured

When you are selecting a service that will provide your valet needs, they need to be experienced, have great reviews on their site, and you should feel great about them when you meet. After all, the valet attendants will become the first impression of your business or event. A service that has been around a long while is a safer bet than a start-up. Go with who you trust. The right company will hold all the needed valet parking insurance and require background checks for every employee.

Look for More Than Parking Vehicles

A valet’s express purpose may be to park cars, but that doesn’t mean it’s all they should offer. A successful valet company will be willing to provide other amenities, such as shuttle services, event management, and parking lot logistics. Even if you only need cars parked, it’s important to know you have the flexibility to ask for more during events and special occasions.

Additionally, be sure the company is not understaffed. Generally, the rule is 1 valet for every 10-15 cars, depending on the location and other factors. Many times, the way a company staffs an event changes the price drastically.

Speed Matters

It’s true that the bulk of a valet’s job is to park your (or your customer’s) car and bring it back at the end of the night. While there is much more to the job, that should be the bread and butter of the service you hire. Their tactics for excellent logistics should ensure a smooth delivery of the vehicle, preventing a backup at the valet ticket line. The right company will boast motivated, fit, speedy employees that strive to get you in and out without waiting out in the cold. Speed and efficiency should be the valet team’s biggest goal, alongside great service.

Don’t Settle for Less Than Parking Logistics Pros

The company you select should be willing to come out to your location in person and scout out the logistics of your lot in advance. Not only can this prevent accidents, it will also streamline your revenue by maximizing the business’ parking capacity.

At Apex Valet, our services go above and beyond parking cars. With 15 years of experience in valet customer service, we are ready to provide our impressive staff for you, your business, or your event. Contact us today.