Parking Management Services

Apex Valet Is Not Just About Valet Services

Lot Management for paid self-parking lotsWith the limited amount of parking in growing cities we understand the need to maximize the parking and maximize revenue.  Apex can assist with providing a revenue sharing plan and management of the parking lot to ensure maximum revenue potential for our clients.

Parking Attendants – When space is limited in a corporate parking lot or shopping center it is important to save adequate space for employees and patrons.  Our parking attendants are available for an hourly rate to manage your parking lot to ensure parking is properly utilized for both employees and paying customers.  Parking attendants are vital to organizations that are wanting to keep unauthorized vehicles from parking in their parking lot.  This reduces the need for towing which has been a growing problem in major cities. This strategy is vital to keeping tenants and customers happy and we are experts maintaining this often tenuous balancing act.

Remote Shuttles – Apex Valet is proud of our alliance with sister company Rare Transportation.  If Apex’s services do not meet your needs we are pleased to refer you to Rare, which provides remote shuttle options for parking deficiencies.  Rare Transportation’s services are ideal for universities and corporate office settings when you have off site parking and need to move employees, patrons or vendors from a remote or temporary lot to your front door.  This solution ensures the safety of your employees and patrons that have off site parking .




Moving people from Point A to Point B is a “Rare” specialty! Apex Valet and Rare Transportation both service corporate clients, universities, hospitals, venues and office buildings in Parking Management Solutions.

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